Atheist Ethicist

The name of Alonzo Fyfe‘s blog makes for a very natural Chinese anagram.


2 Responses to Atheist Ethicist

  1. The Translucent Amoebae says:

    It seems to me that if you allow for taking letters apart & rearranging their elemental parts…
    Then anything is possible.
    Whenever you evoke magick,
    You have to allow limits on it.

  2. wmjas says:

    The constraint I generally work with is that you can put letters together but you can’t take them apart. That is, you can put two glyphs together to make a letter (the “e” in “atheist”), but each of those glyphs must itself be a letter (the “i” and “c” in “ethicist”), not an arbitrary fragment.

    I did the same thing in the Divine/Dante anagram, where the “t” in “Dante” is made up of the two “i”s from “Divine.”

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